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Running, paddling, eating and drinking my way through Newport Beach.

About Run in the Sun

Thanks for stopping by!
Instead of writing a boring story about me, here are some facts:

I'm 29 years old (gasp. That always looks worse in print).
I live in Newport Beach, CA.
I moved here 8 years ago from Chicago (how smart am I?) to escape the cold and be with my now husband.
I've been married 3 years!
The first race I ran, I was 2nd in my age group (must have been a slow year)... and I was hooked.
I also love spinning, kickboxing, and precor-ing.
I'm a first grade teacher.
This drives me to drink a lot (kinda kidding).
Food will always be my first second love (hi, husband).
I want to be a professional stand up paddle boarder living in a hut on a remote island in the Pacific.
I recently was in a paddle race and all my dreams were dashed.

Some things I believe:
The bigger the earrings, the better.
I should be a guest star on Parks and Recreation.
Running would be way more awesome if it wasn't so hard (but that's why I love it).
Parenthesese rule.
Everyone should have a husband that is as amazing as mine.
Hawaii is the best vacation place in the world.
Sleep is the healer of all wounds.
Home is where the bar is.

Me in Hawaii. Drinking.

Me in Hawaii. On a statue.