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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Carlsbad Half Marathon, in Pictures

I'm not down with lengthy race reports- mostly because I kind of black out while running long distances and couldn't tell you much about what happened every second of every mile like some people. Most of the things I do remember revolve around thinking about food, admiring the Lululemon girls' witty signs, feeling horribly embarrassed when I almost took down a nice water-providing volunteer, wondering why I smelled like butt, and feeling proud to make the hills of Carlsbad my bitches. 

So here are some pictures that mostly reflect the race that was the Carlsbad half marathon 2012: 

Climbing various things the week before in the name of preparation. 
Getting my hair ombred made me faster.
Pre- and post race fuel.
Chillaxing the night before.
The race course.
Porta potty action.
The elevation- or as I like to say, the reason I still can't walk today.

At one point I thought this was a near perfect race, and I would do this again in a second. I took some shot bloks throughout, ate an orange slice, enjoyed the scenery and the encouraging spectators and course music. I was way too worried about the hills beforehand, but I usually train on hills so they weren't as much of a problem as I made myself think. They made things more exciting and challenging; the going down really fast balanced out my climbing up kinda slow, and with a 1:46:55, I was able to PR by about 5 minutes.

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