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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So the weekend was a slight fail... let's go back to the beginning, shall we?
Friday the plan was P90X yoga; due to the rage of working out for an hour with one contact in and 24 Hour Fitness having suck ass excuses for working treadmills, I came home angry, found a husband who was equally unmotivated, and yoga was no more. The good news? We went to the store instead and I made some awesome hot apple cider with rum. Yum.

Saturday the plan was hiking and a dinner date. The hike was cancelled due to the breaking of my back- not literally but I still can't really move my neck or arms above my head. What happened? Your guess is as good as mine; I'm thinking a combination of over training, sleeping in a bad position, and having poor posture. But for reals, it hurts. 

We did venture out to dinner at Habana and it was lovely:
Masking the pain with hot purple lipstick.
My nurse date.
Mahi mahi with some sauce.
But it didn't help my back, and Sunday's nine miler turned into finding ways to lay on the couch without dying, and the husband cracking dirty jokes as he rubbed Bengay all over my back.

I haven't been injured in a while, and despite my weight being higher than usual (an issue for another post), I am in really good shape. So I'm worried about losing my fitness, especially because I'll be on vacation for 8 days this month, and freezing in Chicago for 8 days next month.

Anyone else ever have stabbing pain in their upper middle back? How did you deal with it?

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