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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run in the Sun... at Lunch?

Runner's World tweeted this link today, and it got me thinking. I am not a morning person, so I don't run then, and when I need to get a run in after work, I usually just hit the treadmill. But I am realizing that with the miserable parking at my gym, along with the crowds of walkers taking over the treadmills, and the darkness the descends at 5pm, I might need to do a lunchtime run. I leave work at lunch anyway, and I'm pretty sure I can sneak a meal in in the car or at my desk after lunch, so maybe I will try it!

What usually stops me from doing a lunch run is that I feel the need to get 60 minutes of cardio in no matter what, and that's just not possible in this scenario. But this article makes a few great points about the benefits of a shorter, faster run.

Do any of you work out or run at lunch? Do you go back to work all sweaty, or do you have time to shower? And if you do a shorter workout then, would you try to get in another one later in the day?

Swinging on a vine in Kauai = same as lunchtime run.

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