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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All Good in the Hood

Yesterday's EGD was kinda awesome in the way that I slept about 12 hours, ate frozen yogurt, was able to find my parked car without too many problems this morning, and was found to have a "normal" stomach. The anesthesia they give you makes you way forgetful, so I only had to ask the husband 4 times what actually happened. I'm told a "shitload" (that's a quote from my doctor, btw) of biopsies were taken, but everything looks fine for now. So we will see what develops!

I tried running today but only made it 2 miles on the tm before visions of internal bleeding stopped me. They didn't tell me a time restriction on no exercise, but something tells me pounding out 6 miles wouldn't be the best thing.

Anyway, what do you all think of Sport Beans? I have tried a few different flavors before long runs, but fruit punch is grody. I'd like to find a favorite flavor before the weekend if I'm able to do the 10 miles I have planned.

See? Grody.
Do you have a favorite? What else do you eat for energy before long runs?

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