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Friday, December 16, 2011

Aloha Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! It's the last day of school (work) for a week so I'm extra excited to have made it to Friday. 

Tonight we are hitting the boat parade with some hot rum cider and hanging out with friends, and tomorrow will be my little family Christmas celebration complete with the annual viewing of Love Actually. It's the best holiday movie ever, in my opinion. 

I also hope to get in a 10.5 miler tomorrow since I'm heading to the land of cold, wind, and snow Sunday morning... brrrr!

Last Christmas in the backyard.

I will miss you, beach.
But I will drink lots of you all week!
As far as running back home goes, we do have a treadmill I plan to make lots of use of, and if it stays above 40 degrees, I may just hit the road for a brief run. But I've planned it so that as long as I get a few mid distance runs in, I won't have to hit a double digit run until I get back from Chicago after Christmas.

I doubt I'll be blogging much from my food-and-drink-coma, but follow me on twitter for some cold weather updates!

Have a great weekend and Happy Holidays!

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