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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Confessions

Holler! It's Monday. I had a weekend as advertised: plenty of eating and drinking. This is how I rolled at the husband's company Christmas party Friday: 
No, I cannot walk in these.

There was plenty of debauchery and donut eating at 2 am. Super! Sunday I got in 9.2 miles around the hills of Newport:
I felt really good in this, the longest run I've done since the Long Beach half in October. I'm surprisingly not sore at all today.

But the big news: tomorrow I have an upper endoscopy scheduled at 4 pm to see what the f is going on with my stomach. It's been hurting on and off since July and I'm pretty sick of it; what I'm most worried about though? Not eating. ALL. DAY. That's right; you can't eat for 8 hours before the scope, and since I'm such a dedicated teacher, I have an afternoon appointment rather than first thing in the morning. This after having to open the school tomorrow at 6:30 am. So wish me luck!

Anything you all need to confess? Anyone ever get scoped before? How was it?

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